If you're going on vacation or won't be able to check your e-mail for a period of time, you can set up a "vacation" auto-reply message to let senders know that you've received their mail but won't be responding for a while. Here's how to configure it:

1- Log into WebMail ( with your mail account login (sk00###) and password.

2- Click on Options at the top of the WebMail screen.

3- Go to Personal Information. Make sure that the Full Name and Email Address fields are filled out (otherwise the vacation replies will come from a blank address). Hit the Submit button at the bottom to save.

4- Go to Vacation Message at the bottom of the Options page.

5- Enter a vacation subject and message, and select the "send auto-reply" button.

You can also set up forwarding. If you want someone else to receive copies of your mail while you're away. If you don't want copies of the messages yourself when you return, select both the Forward and No Local Delivery options.

6- Hit "Change Settings" at the bottom.

7- Log out.

8- Send test email to the account to see if you get a reply. Keep in mind that the vacation program will only send one auto-reply per sender address per day.

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