Virus and Spyware Removal $139.95-$249.95
Optimize Slow Computer $30.95
Windows Repair or Reinstall $59.95
Broadband Internet Setup $29.95
Hardware Installation $49.95
Software Installation $22.95
Router Setup $59.95
Data Recovery $149.95
Hard Drive Installation $49.95
Driver Download/Installation  

• All software and hardware (non-labor) costs must be paid up-front.

• All prices are minimums and will be used for estimates. If unanticipated problems are encountered, we will stop work when the cost reaches this amount and obtain authorization to continue work at additional cost.

• The only on-site work we will perform for home users will be broadband Internet access installation. For all other issues, the PC must be brought in to our offices.

• A technician performing on-site work for home users will have an invoice that must be paid upon arrival. Technicians are authorized to accept personal checks or cash only.

• Broadband customers must have already obtained all the proper equipment and the Internet account must be activated. If the broadband access device (modem, etc.) is not connecting to the ISP network, the technician will perform no additional work and only $20 will be charged. If other issues exist preventing Internet access, the technician will perform no additional work, only $20 will be charged for the visit, and the computer must be brought in to our offices by the customer.

• Customers may pre-pay for on-site work via Credit Card by calling us at 410-996-0040.

• If for any of the reasons above a technician cannot perform the work requested, any pre-paid amount will be refunded minus a $20 charge.


Home users please note: SkilTech performs work on home machines on particular days. You should expect your machine to stay with us for 3-5 business days before it is returned to you.

Please remember to backup your machine. We cannot be held responsible for the loss of data due to computer repairs performed on your computer.

Ask us about how you can get the tools you need to keep your computer clean and running in tip-top shape!


SkilTech can provide the following services and rates:

Level 1 - $80.00 per hour
• Preventive maintenance services
• Technical support and repair (simple break-fix)
• Hardware and software installation and implementation
• Network, hardware, software troubleshooting

Emergency fees are typically 25-50% above and beyond your normal costs
Trip charges are applicable for most services - $15.00 per incident.

Maintenance services are available which will reduce your hourly costs by as much as $20.00 per hour and eliminate trip costs for routine system maintenance.

SkilTech does not perform Level 2 and 3 services which include: server installations, security monitoring, firewall installation, recovery services.
SkilTech does not normally provide services for clients who have more than 1 server or more than 10-15 workstations. Emergency services are provided between 9am and 9pm only. 24 hour emergency services can be provided by Wabash Electric.

Do you have questions about this policy? Call us at 410-996-0040 or email us at