1- Go to this URL - and log in with your username and password.

2- In the frame at the left of the screen, click on the little triangle next to the word "Stores". That should open up another line underneath Stores that contains your Store Name.

3- Click on the little triangle to the left of your Store Name and another line labelled "Products" will appear in the expanded menu below. Click on the hyperlinked word (not the triangle this time) and the list of all your products will appear on the right.

4- For each product in the store, you should have a large and small (thumbnail) version of it. Name your files: item#.jpg and item#sm.jpg for the thumbnail images. Images should be 250 pixels wide (max) for the large images and 100 pixels wide for the thumbnails.

5- To EDIT an existing item, just click on the icon at the far right of the screen (the text should read "Edit" when the cursor is over it). A new window will appear with the basic info for that item: Product Name, Product Code, Price, Description, etc. Should you make any changes to these items, you'll need to click the "Update" button at the bottom of the screen to change them.

6- To ADD or REPLACE a photo for an existing item, follow the steps in #5 above, and then click the "Images" link at the top of that item page. If photos already exist, you'll see the name and filepath (if applicable) in the boxes next to "Thumbnail Image" and "Full-sized Image". To add a new photo or replace the existing one, click the icon to the right of that box (it's supposed to look like a hard drive with a little Up arrow graphic on top of it). That will open a dialog box. Click the "Browse" button to locate the file on your machine, and select it. Then click the "Update" button to add that photo. If you're replacing an existing photo, be sure to check the "Overwrite" box before updating. The dialog box will disappear and you should see the new photo listed in the box. Once both files are the ones you want displayed, click the Update button at the bottom of that page. You can return to the main product page by clicking the "Product" link at the top, or move on to any other menu item at left.

7- To EDIT ATTRIBUTES for a product (sizes, colors, etc.), click the "Attributes" link at the top of the page. You'll see a "New Attribute" icon at the top, and a "New Option" button below it. Attributes are the main categories like the sizes and colors, and options would be the various sizes and colors available for that item. It might be helpful to click on "Edit Here" for one of the Attributes or Options in order to see how they're set up.

8- To ADD a new item, follow the steps in #4 above. In this instance, however, you'll want to click the "New Product" icon at the top of the product list (it's at the right in the blue heading). From there you'll need to fill in the item info (as in #6) and attributes (if any, as in #8) and add a photo (as in #7).

That's it in a nutshell. Please refer to the "Docs" icon at the top of the admin page to access Miva's documentation for further assistance. Or feel free to e-mail with any questions not answered there.