Here's what you need to do to retrieve orders placed through the Miva shopping cart setup:

1- Go to this URL -- and log in with your username and password.

2- In the frame at the left of the screen, click on the little triangle next to the word "Stores". That should open up another line underneath Stores that displays your Store Name.

3- Click on the little triangle to the left of your Store Name and another line labelled "Order Processing" will appear. Click on the triangle to the left of that as well.

4- You should now see two options: "Create Batch" and "Unbatched Orders". You can either click on the "Create Batch" words or on the triangle next to "Unbatched Orders" which will display each order currently online.

5- Under "Unbatched Orders" you will see each waiting order listed separately. By clicking the hyperlinked line for each order, you'll see a screen on the right with three headings across the top - Customer Information (the default view), Order Information, and Credit Card Payment with Simple Validation. The Customer screen includes shipping and billing information, Order Information shows what was ordered, and Credit Card Payment shows the CC account information.

6- If you create a batch, it will group the new orders together in a text file that you can either download or print. It's probably best to do it this way since they're easier to keep track of, and because it groups all the information together in one table. After clicking "Create Batch", you'll see a box on the right which asks you to name it. The simplest naming practice is to use the date that you're creating the batch, i.e. "011404" for January 14, 2004.

7- From that point you can print the orders or get the credit card info directly off the server. You should have the shipping and billing info from the e-mail that was sent to you.

In order to edit merchandise information, prices, etc., you'll need to click on the word to "Products". From there you'll see a list of all the items currently available. To edit one, there are two icons to the right of the item name. It's a good idea to use the one on the far right which opens up a full page. Make whatever changes you need to make and then click the "Update" button.

The instructions for adding or editing products and photos are sent separately. In the meantime, you might also want to click on the "Docs" link you'll see at the top of the screen, or go to That'll take you to Miva's web site which contains thorough information on the whole process.

There's one other thing you should do from time to time to help keep you shopping cart running smoothly. You'll notice a link in the left side menu called "Utilities". Click the little triangle to the left of it to expand the menu. You should then see two links further down: "Delete Expired Shopping Baskets" and "Pack Data Files". Just click each of them and wait until the completion message appears before clicking the other or logging out.

As always, send e-mail to if you're having any problems.